Doucecroft School

What is Doucecroft school council:

Doucecroft School Council Team is a formal group of pupils who have been elected as representatives of other pupils in the school. This gives the pupils the opportunity to talk and discuss school issues with staff, the leadership team and school governors.  The School council Team is a fantastic way of representing and contributing to pupil’s voice whilst improving and make Doucecroft an even better place for pupils to continue to learn and grow in confidence.


Role of school council

There are many ways the student council team can impact change in school.  


·         The School Council Team can influence others by undertaking projects that matter.

·         Members of The School Council Team will be on hand to help make any decisions within Doucecroft by representing the pupil’s views.

·          The School Council Team will be responsible for putting ideas and views into practice and show casing these to appropriate people.

·          It’s a very good way to help the present and future pupils of Doucecroft.


One important role of The School Council Team is to help set the future direction for the school. If any pupil has any suggestion about how we can make the school environment more beneficial for everyone, then please pass these onto a member of the school council team.