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Welcome to our brand new website! We're still a work in progress, so if you don't find what you're looking for, or have any suggestions on how we can develop the site, please get in contact.


Author: Dave Taylor

Alert Card

Autism Anglia offers a free credit card sized Autism Alert Card as a way of boosting confidence and giving peace of mind if encountering emergency situations. Apply for an alert card...


Author: Chris Bauer

Autism Advice Service

The Autism Advice Service provides support, advice and guidance to individuals, families and professionals. The team have extensive knowledge of local services, offering free information and can signpost to other support agencies. Learn more...


Author: Dave Taylor

Life Chances Conference

Autism Anglia is proud to host forward-thinking conferences throughout East Anglia, focussing on developing research, neurodiversity and practical acceptance and support strategies... Book now...




Tickets: From £99.00


Location: Firstsite,Lewis Gardens, Colchester