Autism Anglia is an independent charity that provides care and support to autistic children, adults, and their families in East Anglia.

Services in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, managed from office in Colchester, offer personalised approaches that provide each individual with the necessary skills and strategies to enable them to realise their own strengths and abilities.

The charity also seeks to promote greater knowledge and understanding of autism through training, education, and supplying information to the public and professionals.

We offer numerous services for autistic people and their families, including:

Adult Services

Adult Services offers specialist support to adults aged 18 onwards within our Residential Services, Supported Living, Outreach Programme, and Opportunities Centres in Essex and Norfolk. Our holistic approach encourages adults to develop new skills, create opportunities and build confidence to live more independently in the community. We ensure that the changing needs of the adults we support are recognised, and that each person living in our residential housing is accommodated based on their needs and wishes.

Residential Services

All the residential properties provided by the charity (in Essex and Norfolk) are individualised to the needs of people we support to ensure a homely and welcoming feel. Each property offers accommodation for between 3-11 adults who all have their own private bedrooms and have access to communal rooms, shared gardens, and recreational activities such as sensory areas and trampolines depending on the property.

Supported Living

Supported Living caters for a range of abilities, from high support needs who require 24/7 support on a 1:1 basis, to those who require one or two hours of support each day or week.

Every Supported Living service is within the local community and is either a housing association property, privately rented or owned by Autism Anglia. Services range from 2-4 adults in one property to those who prefer to live alone. Currently, all our Supported Living homes are in Colchester, however, this does not mean new services cannot be opened in other areas, we are looking to expand into Norfolk.

Outreach Programme

Help is only help if it does what you need...

It’s a simple concept but one that sits in the centre of our Outreach Programmes. Outreach is a service to help autistic adults with any aspects of life they may need some extra support with; it is support provided within a home or organisation which is not managed by Autism Anglia.

Opportunities Centres

We have two opportunities Centres – One in Dereham Norfolk and another in Colchester Essex. Both centres are open during the day and cater specifically for autistic adults.

More about Adult Services

Doucecroft School

Doucecroft is a specialist co-educational school, for children and young people (aged 3 –19) with autism and other additional complex needs.

Based in Eight Ash Green in Colchester, the school was established in 1977 and has since successfully provided a nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of young people with wide-ranging strengths and needs. We create an environment and experience where each pupil thrives, grows in independence and self-esteem, which sets them up for a successful future, whatever they choose to do.

More about Doucecroft School

Autism Diagnostic Service

Autism Anglia's private diagnostic service is an expert provider of NICE compliant Autism Diagnostic assessments for children 3 years plus, and for adults. Our Multi-disciplinary team are qualified and experienced with a good understanding of different profiles of autism.

More about our Diagnostic Service

Autism Alert Card 

Are you autistic and feeling self-conscious, worried, or concerned when outside the security of your own home? Do you need something to help you overcome this?

Autism Anglia offers a credit card-sized Autism Alert Card as a way of boosting confidence and giving peace of mind if encountering emergencies.

More about our Autism Alert Card

Training and Events

Our autism trainers deliver regular expert-led live webinars and bespoke training. We also regularly hold both in-person and online conferences to raise awareness and education on various autism-related topics. For more info on what we can offer you, top the button below.

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As a not-for-profit charity, all donations to Autism Anglia help us to provide services, information, and advice to the autistic community.  New services such as our Diagnostic Centre, Training team and more recently, our Employment Service, have all been established through donations and fundraising. Your donations allow us to put on conferences and information events, attend community events to raise awareness, and provide information and advice through our website.

Donations can also be ring-fenced for certain projects, such as a new play area at Doucecroft School – or a Sensory Suite at our Opportunities Centres, which help to enhance the lives of the people we directly support through our school and Adult Services.

We know that there is still so much that needs to be done to give autistic people a voice and support them when they need us. Only through fundraising and a robust charity will we be able develop new services and initiatives and increase accessibility for all.

You can also raise funds for Autism Anglia whilst shopping online, joining a local lottery, or making a regular donation. We would also be happy to talk to you about remembering Autism Anglia in your Will.

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