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Deer Squishy


Adorable and effective, our squishies are just the right size and are slow-rising, for hands and minds needing to be occupied! Read more

Flashing Spike Ball YELLOW


Bright, light, flashing spike balls for fun and stimulation. Bounce them to light them up. Read more

Jumping Tubes


These colourful bouncy tubes will provide lots of fun. Can you get them to bounce right over your head? Read more

Mini Lavas


A soothing sensory aid, to calm and relax the mind. Lightweight and made of durable plastic, they will endure a few knocks or drops! Read more

Sensory Chew Necklace RED


Great oral motor chew jeweller with different textures for sensory needs. The back of the necklaces has tiny raised bumps while the front features large prominent bumps to address different sensory needs. They are durable and tough, this novelty chew pendant comes with breakaway clasps which makes biting safer and prevents choking. Read more

Sensory gel beanbag


Colourful soft and tactile Beanbags filled with colourful gel beads that engage the senses. Read more

Sensory Ring


Silver and gold sensory finger rings - ideal as a discreet sensory aide at school or work. Firm fitting and light weight. Read more

Stretchy String GREEN


Positive Sensory Stimulation - This fun, colourful, stretchy "string" can help reduce stress, anxiety and fidgeting by letting kids and adults stretch, twist, and pull. Read more

Tangle Toy


Durable to use: The sections break apart and can be put back together. Mixed with vibrant colours. Small size and easily carry with you in walking and travelling, provides something to do during travel or quiet times. Read more