Doucecroft School

Doucecroft School provides an education for pupils with an autism specific condition. We aim to deliver a curriculum that is broad, balanced and personalised to ensure that all our pupils thrive and meet their potential.

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum drivers identify content that every teacher plans for regardless of statutory content. They are designed to bring our aims and values to life and meet the needs of all our pupils. The key curriculum drivers that underpin our curriculum are:

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Resilience

Our curriculum aims

  • To build on pupils' interests and help them develop an appreciation for human creativity and achievement.
  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that pupils enjoy coming to school, are motivated and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.
  • To develop confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • To provide opportunities that inspires and enables pupils to reach their full potential; this includes exposing pupils to knowledge which is outside of their daily experiences.
  • It is ambitious but flexible enough to help our pupils make sense of the world around them.
  • To develop pupil's sense of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour through promoting fundamental British Values.

Curriculum for Key Stages 1-4 (Ages 5-16)

The Core curriculum focuses on the development of skills in the areas of Communication, Social Communication and Flexible Thinking. Within the Core curriculum, the subject areas of English and Maths are addressed alongside those areas of the PSHEE curriculum which pose particular challenges to students with ASC. Personal development is key to the Core Curriculum.

Students’ behaviour and personal development are outstanding.


The Wider Curriculum provides opportunities to broaden and generalise skills whilst providing enrichment and breadth to the total curriculum. A thematic approach is used to deliver subjects across a three-year rolling programme. Science, History, Geography, some areas of PSHE are included in the thematic approach. The thematic approach addresses the key stage entitlements of all students as they move through the key stages.

(see Curriculum Policy Statement)

Students have opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. This provides students with opportunities to develop skills in accessing the community, working with others and generalising skills taught in school. Students use the community close to the school, a range of leisure facilities including sailing and canoeing and a forest school. The school grounds also provide opportunities to take learning out of the classroom.

The PE curriculum at Doucecroft School has a high profile and plays of the vital part in the life if the school. Students have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities both on-site and community-based. Many students go on to achieve awards and qualifications in PE.

The curriculum is driven by a comprehensive policy clearly linking the skills of communication, social communication and flexible thinking with the core subjects and creative subjects. The school has a particularly varied and effective physical education (PE) programme both within the curriculum and as extra-curricular activities.

(OFSTED January 2014)

Post 16 education is offered on at our College, meeting the needs of a wide range of students post 16.

Students have individual student plans which are informed by assessment in the adult literacy and numeracy curriculum, communication and flexible thinking.

Accreditation is given through a range of externally accredited courses from pre-entry level to level 2.

Pupil Premium Funding

Currently, Doucecroft does not have any students who are in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding.

Details will be given here of this when necessary.