Please feel free to browse and download our current Policies & Procedures by clicking on the below links.

Title Renewal Date
Admissions Procedure
CCTV Policy March 2020
Curriculum Policy September 2020
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy September 2020
Assessment Policy December 2020
Attendance Policy September 2020
Behaviour Management Policy October 2020
Complaints Procedure June 2020
Critical Incident Policy March 2020
Disability Access Plan October 2020
E-Safety Policy September 2020
Emergency Closure Policy January 2022
Equality Policy January 2021
ESL Policy November 2020
Examinations Policy January 2020
Exclusion Policy March 2020
First Aid Policy September 2020
Health & Safety Policy August 2020
Intimate Care Policy October 2020
Medical Conditions Policy September 2020
Missing Child Policy February 2020
Out of School Trips Procedure January 2020
Password Policy March 2020
Preventing Bullying Policy October 2020
Sensory Policy October 2020
Searching Possessions or Rooms Policy January 2021