Doucecroft School

We provide sensory music sessions to meet each child’s individual’s needs and interact through music to improve the child’s communication, interaction, imagination and meet their sensory needs.

We create a fun environment that boosts student’s self-confidence as they experience joy and success. We use instrumental techniques that allow the child to interact and communicate through music to express their emotions.

We provide a range of music lessons to meet all the individuals’ needs whilst adapting lesson plans to follow the national curriculum.

Lessons include:

Color coded notation: where students follow colors to play a piece of music

Keyboard sensory lights: students follow a sequence of lights to play a piece of music

Music notation: students learn how to read notation and play a composed piece of music

Instrumentation - using instruments to interact with staff and learn about beats and rhythm

Instrument tuition - Learn to play the guitar, bass, piano, drums or vocals

Drumming - using the drum kit to accompany a piece of music on the guitar

Recording software - learn how to use recording software and manipulate sound as well as recording their own compositions

Singing - students use the microphone to sing karaoke to help understand different pitch

Radio broadcasting - students make their own podcast about their interests to go onto the students page of the schools website

Music video - students use video cameras and editing software to make their own music videos

Djing –  learn about tempo and beat matching to mix songs