We welcome individuality and provide a safe and positive learning environment, to enable our students to thrive and meet their full potential preparing them for their future.

At Doucecroft School, boarding provision is available for up to 294 nights per year, across 48 weeks. The 24 hour curriculum informs the development of independent living, social interaction and communication skills. The residential setting provides opportunities for students to generalise skills in a range of settings.

Children and young people who board with us benefit from the integrated approach across education and care, ensuring skills are practised in different environments.

Residential provision is located on the Eight Ash Green site and provides single bedroom accommodation for both boys and girls. Our aim is to provide a homely atmosphere where students can relax and learn in a safe and supported environment.

Evenings and weekend activities are structured so that our children and students are able to develop hobbies and interests both on-site and in the wider community. Activities include youth clubs, leisure centre, shopping which develop skills in the community. On-site, students have access to swimming, physical education suite, cycling, go-karts, small animal care, outdoor play and cooking.

Further information regarding boarding provision at Doucecroft can be found in our Residential Services leaflet, which you can download by clicking on the button below.

Click here to download our Residential Services leaflet