Jigsaw Centre

Jigsaw is a specialist day service for adults (18+) with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. We offer long-term placements and only close on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year. 


Jigsaw offers a range of person-centred activities that develop skills and independence, within a safe and welcoming environment.  Our departments include Social & Creative Studies, Art & Textiles, Life Skills, Music, Movement & Wellbeing and Horticulture. 

The Art & Textiles offers creative activities using a variety of media which includes all types of paints, papier mache, clay and computer art as well as a wide range of textiles activities. Everyone has the opportunity to work on their own designs, with every project being person-centres to the individual.

This is Elaine.  She is a senior instructor at Jigsaw and works in our Art & Textiles Department full-time.


This is Natasha. She works in our Art & Textiles Department on Monday and Tuesday.


This is Jane. She works in our Art & Textiles Department on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.