Jigsaw Centre

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We currently cultivate two allotment plots close to one another on one site which is situated close to Jigsaw.

Anyone who attends our centre has the opportunity to visit and work on the plots which are managed by David, our Horticulture Instructor.

The allotment produces a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers which are harvested and either used by the people who work the allotment, people attending Life Skills and PSD or sold to visitors in the entrance hall at Jigsaw.

2019 will be the fifth year we have managed our allotments and it has proven such a success that we now offer Horticulture as a timetabled Jigsaw activity.

This is David

David is our Horticulture Instructor. He usually works away from Jigsaw overseeing the running of the allotments.
The picture player below shows photos of the allotments and people working there. You can 'click' on any image to pause and enlarge it and you can also slideshow the enlarged pictures.