Jigsaw Centre

Jigsaw is a specialist day service for adults (18+) with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. We offer long-term placements and only close on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year. 


Jigsaw offers a range of person-centred activities that develop skills and independence, within a safe and welcoming environment.  Our departments include Social & Creative Studies, Art & Textiles, Life Skills, Music, Movement & Wellbeing and Horticulture. 

Social & Creative Studies is craft centred and allows for a wider range of person-centred activities to be undertaken. It focusses on model-making, upcycling, woodcraft and much more.  They also assist with the running of the Horticulture department by planting and cultivating seedlings to be transported for planting at the allotment.

As well as learning and using crafting skills, people will have the opportunity to try many different things, including gaining skills and abilities to help them towards potential employment. There is a focus on encouraging the individuals to engage with their peers to develop their social skills.

This is Angelina. She works in the Social & Creative Studies Department on Monday and Tuesday.


This is Heather. She works in the Social & Creative Studies Department on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.