The Silver Plated Ladle Story

The Sauce Ladle was given to me by my mum’s friend Pamela.

It had belonged to Pamela's parents, Mr John Alfred Crab & Mrs Nelly May Crab, as it had been given to them as a wedding present.

I have been researching the origins of the source ladle and information about the names of parts of a sauce ladle.

I have found out that;

  1. The bottom part of ladle is called a bowl.
  2. The top part is called a handle.
  3. The middle part is called a stem.
  4. The next part is called a shoulder.
  5. The next part is called a drop.

My ladle is a Sheffield silver plated sauce ladle, in highly collectable old English pattern by William Hutton & Sons. 

It is estimated to have been made between “1900 to 1910”.