North East Essex Advocacy Stakeholder Group held their first meeting last week. It was great listening to the views and issues affecting families, children and young people with autism.

The NE Essex Stakeholder Group consist of families, young people and children (0-25). The Stakeholder Group will have a voice in improving the advocacy service, we will raise issues and experiences with relevant professionals and organisations.

If you would like to be part of the group, please email us at [email protected]

It is lovely to be part of a group of people the same as me and who understand. It is also good to be able to talk about what needs to change.

Lily (13)

It’s great to be part of the Stakeholder Community and be welcomed with open arms to be able to have our voice heard and listen to other young individuals share their needs and desires. Together, we are not alone, we are stronger and will be the voice of change and can all uniquely make a positive difference to the society we operate in.

Mandy (parent)