Emotions are high as families are reunited

It’s no surprise that we, like most organisations have faced a tremendous amount of challenges in the past year. However, at Autism Anglia we know that the services we are providing to autistic people and their families can be a lifeline to them. There is no way we could stop.

Instead we have come together as a team to ensure autistic people could still access everything they need with as little disruption to them as possible. This is especially key when many adults and children with autism require stability and consistency with routines.

We have all watched the Prime Minister’s updates eagerly, hoping for a return to normality soon.  Being kept away from our loved ones has been difficult for everyone but for those in care, it’s been even harder.

Our Adult Services team has worked extremely hard to ensure everyone in our care has been protected as much as possible by putting new procedures in place, whilst finding new ways to keep our service users in contact with their families and reduce isolation.

They are currently supporting our service users to access their vaccinations whilst helping them to overcome their fears and worries of the vaccinations as well as attending public places.

We are delighted that the people we support here at Autism Anglia have started to be able to meet their loved ones again. 

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