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The team at Autism Anglia's Doucecroft School has used the opportunity to ensure staff feel appreciated.

Throughout the week they have taken on a number of activities including handing out sweets and kind messages, time for games and other interactions as well as a ‘positivity tree’ which has seen staff write on the leaves the reason they like to work at Doucecroft.

All of the gestures have been well received by the team.

Louise Parkinson, Headteacher said:

Although the week serves as a reminder why wellbeing is so important at work, as an employer we are committed to ensuring wellbeing at work is an ongoing service to our staff.

The staff at Doucecroft have access to a quiet space away from the classroom and break room.  A calming space to regulate, think or just relax when needed.

In order for staff to help pupils manage their behaviour and emotions staff need to be able to manage their own emotions so we need to provide ways to help them do that.

They also enjoy 'Take Care Thursday' which gives the teams take time to step away from work to socialise and enjoy team building games and activities such as wreath making and painting.

Staff achievements are regularly celebrated and there is a staff awards at the end of each academic year.

Recent feedback from one of the Teaching Assistants shows that the efforts are appreciated: 

I am ever so grateful that you supported me with perseverance to come and join Doucecroft School.

The school offers highly professional environment for the children to develop and explore their skills; but very importantly focusing on the wellbeing and support of the staff.

I work with adolescent teenagers on their transition to life, and I get a lot of team support in every situation.

Logistics are great including driving and parking and great food and free fruits.

Thank you!

James McQuiggan, Chief Executive at Autism Anglia said:

The commitment of the team to the wellbeing of the staff goes a long way and is crucial to ensuring staff feel rewarded and enjoy coming to work.

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