Autism Anglia's independent diagnostic service is an expert provider of NICE compliant Autism Diagnostic assessments for anyone over 3 years old. Our Multi-disciplinary team are qualified and experienced with a fantastic understanding of different profiles of autism.
We pride ourselves on our personalised approach for our gold-standard service, providing a named person to guide through the process which starts with analysing results from comprehensive screening questionnaires. Assessments are carried out using ADOS-2 and ADI-R diagnostic tools alongside expert clinical opinion, as well as a review of historical, professional and school reports where applicable. We are also part of the NHS Choice Framework for adults (also known as Patient Choice). For more information, please see our FAQs

As this is an independent service, fees will apply. The amount will be explained in the welcome pack and during your consultations. For more information, please email us at [email protected] or phone us on 07951 358012. The outcome of the assessment is usually provided within 24 hours followed by a comprehensive diagnostic report, post-diagnostic feedback and a follow-up session. We have also expanded the service to include partnerships with regional NHS providers to assist with their waiting lists. You will receive the price of the service upon application.

What does it involve?
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Please note that there are eligibility criteria for assessment through our service which we will check during this review, as follows:

• Children must be 3 years or over at the time of registration
• There are no on-going court case/legal proceedings that in our view could impact on the assessment
• Our internal risk assessments do not highlight a significant cause for concern e.g. that the assessment could be detrimental for an individual or others (including staff), or that other complex needs require resolution prior to the ASD assessment taking place
• If a previous assessment for ASD has taken place.


Please note that failing to disclose pertinent information may affect the diagnosis process. Autism Anglia reserve the right not to accept a client, to withdraw the offer of an individual assessment or close the service entirely, at their discretion.

Pre-Diagnostic Screening

Prior to carrying out the diagnostic assessment for both children and adults, several screening measures are required, which give an indication of autism traits, as well as strengths and difficulties. An email breakdown is provided

Registration & Pre-Diagnostic Support

If a decision is made to proceed to the full assessment, a link to complete our registration form will be provided, as well as an email to set up an account, allowing time to complete and save the form.

Clients are placed on a pre-reg list to receive an early support phonecall from client co-ordinator. A link will be sent to complete a registration form online, which will be triaged following submission. Clients will be placed on waiting list unless further information is required

Appointment Offer & Assessment Preparation

Appointments will be offered for an in-person Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), and a video call for the Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R) for the informant.

Assessment Process and Outcome

The structured observation (ADOS-2) lasting approximately an hour will be held with our clinicians in our Colchester diagnostic suite. The in-depth 4-5 hour structured interview covering developmental history is via video call between the informant (usually a parent or family member) and our clinicians. The Outcome is usually delivered within 1-2 working days if clinicians are available, unless further investigation is required.  

Post-Diagnostic Support

An invitation will be offered for a customised feedback session with a clinician following issue of the draft diagnostic report. This is to discuss the contents of the report, and to provide post-diagnostic advice.

The finalised diagnostic report will then be issued.

If you would like more information about the service or have any general queries, please look at our FAQ page. If you are still unsure about something, please contact us via [email protected] or 07951 358012