Prior to carrying out the diagnostic assessment for both children and adults, several screening measures are required, which give an indication of autism traits, as well as strengths and difficulties.

This is a chargeable service to cover costs but will be refunded at point of assessment with us.

Visit Autism Anglia’s Pre-Diagnostic Screening Payment page and make a £50 payment, which will be deducted from any final assessment charge.

How to access the relevant screening links

A screening link will be sent via email. There will be an average of 5 questionnaires depending on age.

Screening links results and what happens next

A breakdown of the screening results will be sent in an email with a summary report indicating whether the thresholds for autism has been met.

People who meet the cut-off scores in screening for autism can then proceed to registration with our service for assessment if they choose.

Those who do not meet the autism threshold will be offered the opportunity to discuss how to proceed.

It is important to note that the screening questionnaires are not a formal diagnosis. They are simply screening measures, which indicate the presence or absence of characteristics associated with ASD and the impact on day-to-day life.

If you would like to request the link for pre-diagnostic screening or have any questions, please email the Diagnostic Team.

Click here to read about Registration & Pre-Diagnostic Support