You can learn all about Autism in our What is Autism? webpages. We also have Autism Training services.

The NHS website has a useful Autism Guide, which can be read by clicking here. Below are some other books and guides for individuals, parents, siblings and professionals.

For Individuals with Autism

Books Beyond Words

Books Beyond Words makes stories for everyone. You can find stories about physical and mental health, relationships, bereavement, work, criminal justice and stories just for fun.

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For Parents

Teen Body Image & Self-Esteem 

A practical guide for parents on body image and self esteem for teenagers.

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Supporting Your Neurodiverse Child 

Written guide for parents by parents.

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Memorials of Distinction 

Expert guide on how to explain death to children.

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Belfast Health and Social Care Trust 

Guide for parents whose child is on the ASD spectrum. How to cope and support their child with the war in Ukraine.

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For Siblings

What About Me? 

A book written by a seven-year-old boy that works through the day-to-day struggles and joys of being an autism sibling.

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Sometimes my brother 

Helping kids understand Autism from a sibling's eye.

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