Getting a Diagnosis

The pathways to getting an assessment for autism vary greatly between areas so below you will find guidance on how the process may look when you start. Rest assured if you need advice the Autism Advice Team are here to talk it through with you... Find out more about getting a diagnosis... Read more

Sensory Processing

Autistic children and autistic adults often present different responses to these sensory stimuli such as light, loud sounds, soft touch etc... Read more

Autism Act

The Autism Act 2009 committed the Government to publishing an adult autism strategy to transform services for adults with autism... Read more

Signs of Autism

Although every individual on the autism spectrum has different needs and displays different symptoms, there are signs that you can look out for if you think that you or someone you know might have autism... Find out more about autism... Read more

Adult Services Overview

Adult Services offer specialist support to adults aged 18 onwards within our Residential Services, Supported Living, Outreach Programme and Opportunity Centres in Essex and Norfolk... Learn more... Read more

About Autism

Autism is a developmental condition which affects the function of the brain. It affects the way that someone interacts with and relates to other people, and for autistic people, the world can be a confusing, unpredictable and sometimes scary place... More about autism... Read more