25-year-old Lee lives in one of Autism Anglia’s Residential Homes in Essex.

Lee enjoys fitness activities and expressed an interest in attending a gym as one of his desired activities. Autism Anglia staff suggested he attended Sports for Confidence in Witham who run OT led sessions and in January 2022 he started going twice a week, attending the gym and Swim for Confidence sessions with support from his Autism Anglia Support Workers.

As a result of Lee enjoying his sessions so much, the Autism Anglia team emailed them to enquire about Work Experience for him. At the same time, staff at Sport for Confidence approached Lee and our staff to say that they may have a role he could apply for. Lee was delighted and this gave him the confidence to apply for a job there.

Autism Anglia’s Lead Therapist created an easy read CV template which Lee completed with support from staff at his home. He was then supported in a Zoom Interview, and recently received a phone call to say that he has been given the job!

Lee will be working 3 hours per week at Sports for Confidence in Witham, supporting peers with a disability diagnosis with their swimming activities, encouraging activities and answering any questions they may have. Lee is beaming with pride about being offered a job and is enjoying going to the gym and swimming weekly in preparation for starting. He is excited to have his own uniform to wear and feel part of a team.

Lee has brought his love of fitness to his home with Autism Anglia and regularly leads Zumba sessions and fitness classes for residents and staff, explaining to others how to do it.  Staff also support him with his pastime of inspecting outdoor gym equipment around his local town (in an unofficial capacity)!  He has a checklist and staff have made him a badge as he tries out the equipment to ensure it is working correctly and up to standard. The staff encourage this activity as it brings him a great sense of achievement.

Lee's confidence has grown so much over the last 6 months and it is such a pleasure to see him move onto the next adventure in his life. All the Autism Anglia staff team are very proud.

This is the best I have ever felt in my life

Lee still experiences anxiety and is currently expressing that he is feeling a little anxious about starting his new job, Autism Anglia staff are continuing to support him with this and came up with an idea to relieve his stresses and his worries…filling and throwing water balloons at a target! He said that it worked perfectly, and the session ended in Lee jumping up and down and saying ‘this is the best I have ever felt in my life’

Good luck in your new job Lee!

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