• The Autism Alliance is carrying out research to inform a campaign planned for later in 2023. The campaign will call on Government to fully fund the care and support autistic adults need so they can thrive and live their lives in their communities.
  • To inform the campaign, the Autism Alliance is keen to hear from families in England, and from autistic adults (aged 18+), about their experiences of getting care and support for autistic adults.
  • Although this work focuses on adults, the Autism Alliance is continuing to influence policy that relates to autistic children and young people, and expects to campaign on this in the future.
  • The survey is anonymous, so you don’t need to provide your details or identify yourself. The only exception to this is if you would like to join a focus group or share your story publicly, in which case you can provide your details at the end of the survey and the Autism Alliance will contact you. There is no commitment to go any further, and if after speaking with the Autism Alliance you don’t want to proceed, the Alliance will stop there and delete your contact details.
  • The Autism Alliance is a national partnership of charities that support autistic people and their families. The Alliance influences national policy, works with charities to share and improve the support they provide, and campaigns on issues that affect autistic people and their families. The Alliance’s vision is for a world in which autistic people can thrive and live their lives as part of their communities.
  • Autism Anglia is a member of the Autism Alliance, which is why we are supporting this work.
  • The survey is now live, and will be open until 12 midnight on Friday 28th July.
  • Please click on the links below to access the surveys.

I am an autistic adult

I am a parent/carer of an autistic adult