Celebrating achievements is something Autism Anglia strongly believes in, both for the people we support and our staff. The Diagnostic Service work tirelessly to deliver person-centred, gold standard autism assessments and we are pleased to announce they have hit the 100-client milestone! 

The team use gold-standard diagnostic tools and are compliant with NICE guidelines, to assess adults and children aged 3 years and over. The not-for-profit independent service has been running since 2019 and have managed to assess 100 different people since then, even through Covid! The adaptable and person-centred approach which the team employ aims to make assessment accessible, and your needs come first. Although the team is based in East Anglia, over the last 3 years clients have travelled from many different regions for an assessment including London, Oxford, and Lincolnshire, with some prepared to journey hundreds of miles from the North of England. 


Here's what some people had to say!  

“Relieved to finally have a diagnosis that provides insight and anticipated support for the challenges [we’ve] faced for many decades.” 


“[The] Report was amazing, gave us so many options and routes to go down. [He is now] in touch with the job centre and asked for specialist disability advisor. Firefighting volunteering applied for, as per ambition! Fully focused on possibly doing some training with the job centre -is just blossoming. He has a newfound confidence” 


Kate Hancock, chief executive at Autism Anglia said: “Our diagnostics team believe in a personal approach, taking the necessary time to ensure each person who they assess is comfortable, understands what they’re saying and that they are listened to. It is not just a few simple tests; it’s hours of conversations, understanding the person and delivering the best quality of care that they can achieve. It is due to this personal approach that they have managed to assess such a vast number of people even through a pandemic, and we couldn’t be prouder!” 


With many autism diagnosis services in both NHS and private providers having long waiting lists, we are especially proud of the efficient and detailed work our team provide, including being part of the NHS Choice framework for adults to help reduce NHS waiting lists. 

Receiving a diagnosis can take up to 4 years in some areas of the UK, however with Autism Anglia’s team the current waiting times are approximately 2 months from registration!

You also have access to a fantastic after care package which includes personalised outcome communication, a detailed diagnostic report including person-centred recommendations, feedback call with a clinician, and then another optional follow-up session with the support team. 



To find out more about our Diagnostic services, visit this link: 

Our Autism Diagnostic Service (autism-anglia.org.uk) 


Here’s to another 100!