We are delighted to have been awarded 27 Samsung Tablets from Essex County Council as part of the Technology Inclusion Opportunity supporting adults in social care.

The tablets will be used within our Adult Services, supported by our dedicated in-house therapy team to help with:

  • Basic communication
  • Reading, writing, maths
  • Telling time / managing schedules
  • Learning and using social skills
  • Managing sensory challenges
  • Staying safe
  • Activities of daily living (managing household chores / self-care)
  • Linking with interactive sensory equipment
  • Interacting with smart devices

All the adults we support have a lifelong condition of autism, with communication being a significant area of difficulty.  Tablets enable inclusive communication for all, and speech generating apps especially can provide a means of expressive communication between the individual and those around them.

Effective communication reduces anxiety, frustration and behaviours of concern that can have a significant and detrimental impact on the individual and those around them.

Our community fundraising and engagement manager Anna Rogers met with Essex County Council’s Simon Williams (pictured above) to collect the tablets last week.

We are very grateful for their support.