We are thrilled to have the support of Blackline Safety this year!

Blackline Safety is a technology leader driving innovation in the industrial workforce through IoT (Internet of Things). With connected safety devices and predictive analytics, Blackline Safety enables companies to drive towards zero safety incidents and improved operational performance. Blackline Safety provides wearable devices, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software and data analytics to meet demanding safety challenges and enhance overall productivity for organisations with coverage in more than 100 countries.

Blackline has always been supportive of autistic people in the workplace. The company has used some of Autism Anglia’s services to help members of staff across their team. They also brought in Autism Anglia’s Learning and Development Service to deliver online workshops with the team during the Covid-19 pandemic which had a hugely positive impact on staff who work with autistic people at Blackline.

Autism Anglia prides itself on its training programmes, the likes of which have been used by businesses and organisations all around East Anglia. Autism Anglia’s Learning & Development Service offers bespoke and tailor-made training courses to ensure autistic individuals and their families understand autism, its effects, and strategies to enable them to overcome difficult situations as well as providing the necessary skills to realise their strengths and abilities.

The Learning & Development Service can also ensure professionals in all settings can support autistic clients, colleagues, or students by increasing understanding of autism and how it presents; as well as providing strategies to ensure autistic children and adults are protected, supported, and valued.

The training delivered wasn’t just useful for the workplace, Marketing & Communications Manager, Trina Murray-Hundley was also able to apply it in her personal life. At home, she was having a multitude of issues with her youngest daughter and was struggling to join the dots. It wasn’t until she completed the training provided by Autism Anglia that she was able to recognise that they needed to seek an autism diagnosis.

Before that, she had certain perceptions about autism, but the training made her realise the signs and that it’s a spectrum, and each person’s autism is different. She hadn’t considered that her daughter might be neurodiverse because of things like her ability to talk to everyone and maintain strong eye contact.

Blackline Safety has also attended career fairs organised by Autism Anglia and understands how important it is to make workplaces as autism friendly as possible!

Their goal is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in the wider community and to support autism awareness by raising as much money as possible, with Autism Anglia named in their annual ESG Report as part of their community investment programme. As a result, Blackline have already donated £2,000 to Autism Anglia and we can't say thank you enough!

Trina recently held a learning session with the global team about autism and how they could then help their autistic friends and colleagues. It all stems back to the training and is now an everyday practice at Blackline Safety across the entire business.

Thank you for supporting us Blackline and it’s so great to hear that our training has helped!