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Social Groups


Parent carer forums are online groups run by parents and carers of disabled children from your local area.

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Let’s Do It! Autism Family Group

This is a group for children with autism, associated conditions and their families. Their objective is to arrange events, outings and clubs for families where children on the spectrum and their siblings can have fun and enjoy simple days out or other activities, surrounded by people who understand.

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Dads Who Have Children with Autism

This is a motivation group for Dads who have children with autism, where dads can share stories and experiences, as well as meet up.

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Education Groups

EHCP Experiences England

This is a closed group for parent/carers of SEND 0-25 to share their EHCP experiences and ask advice from each other. It is administrated by an SEN solicitor, who provides live chat on the page.

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SEN Advice and Support 

A closed group, for parents and carers of children with Autism and other disabilities. Instant support and advice form the group community. They also run twice monthly advice drop-in sessions in North Essex.

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Autism Action Group Suffolk

Formed in January 2013 in response to negative parental experiences of the education system in the county. They are a campaigning group of parents with experience of the system and came together to try and influence change.

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Home Schooling Groups

Home Educating Our Special Needs Children

This is a group for parents that are home educating in the UK.

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Home Educating Special Needs & Disabilities UK

A group specifically for families who currently home educate and one or more of the parents and/or children has special needs/additional learning needs/disabilities/medical needs.

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Autistic UK Home Education 

A group for families that are home educating anyone who has Autism and/or a Neurodivergent condition (whether diagnosed or not).

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Home Education UK 

An online support community, providing support and advice for home educators and those considering home education for their family.

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Home Schooling/Education UK 

Online group for anyone who is home educating/schooling their child or children.

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