Archie has helped out at many Autism Anglia fundraising events in the past from bucket collections in Sainsburys, to stalls at festivals.

Archie’s school encourage pupils to get involved with Agents of Change. The scheme is aimed at providing children with the tools and inspiration to inform positive change in themselves, their community, and the planet. This is in order to develop confidence in their own impact on the world.

Archie chose to help Autism Anglia recently for his homework. He says he was inspired by his grandmother, Julie, who’s a manager within our Adult Services.

He wanted to donate some gifts to the people we support from his own belongings to make a difference and asked Julie beforehand what they liked and what their interests were. She informed him JM liked teddies and JJ liked puzzles. He also got his little sister Esme to contribute one of her puzzles, while Archie choose two teddies from his bedroom.


Julie says, “I think he’s such a kind little boy – to even think about giving away his teddies is incredible and he’s constantly asking if he can help. He’s so keen to be involved and it makes me so proud”.

Word got round about his generosity, and he’s been given special praise from his headteacher and plaudits to match. We’d like to say a massive thank you to Archie – this is an incredibly kind thing to do and shows such maturity and compassion at a very young age. He was really thinking outside of the box and we’re so impressed!

Thank you for everything you’ve done over the years, you’ve made a huge difference to the lives of autistic people in East Anglia. We’re very grateful and proud to have you support us!