Autism-friendly performances can be a fantastic way for people on the autism spectrum to enjoy a live theatre show as they offer a supportive and relaxed environment throughout the theatre.

Patrons are free to move around and to make noise during these performances and adjustments will have been made to sound levels, lighting and loud sound effects. The theatre staff and cast will have received some training so they have some understanding of autism and often visual stories are available beforehand.

Norwich Theatre Royal

Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Harlow Playhouse

New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Below are the performances that we are aware of but please check with your local theatre to see if they are offering any, and do let us know.

Mercury Theatre, Colchester - Peter Pan Weds 9th Aug 6pm

Mercury Theatre, Colchester - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs  Thurs 4th Jan 7pm

Norwich Theatre Royal - Sleeping Beauty Fri 5th Jan 2018, 5.30pm