The information we collect and the legal basis

We will collect comprehensive information from you and your family after a referral and before your child becomes a student in our Children Services. We will create a large amount of personal information about your child while attending Children Services.
We assume that you have consent from family members and professionals involved, when providing us with their details.

If you …

On the Legal Basis of

We will store

Third Parties with access to your information *

We will keep it for/until

Make a request for your child to attend Doucecroft School

Parental consent (if your child is under 13) or Legitimate Interest

Referral and Assessment of Needs forms.  These include comprehensive family, health & medical, medication and education histories

SchoolPod, Microsoft

1 year if unsuccessful, or 1 year after an unsuccessful appeal.

If successful (with or without appeal), these will become part of your care records.

Attend Doucecroft School

Once attending our school, keeping these records becomes a legal requirement

Your personal details, including your name, home address, phones and email address, date of birth, NI Number; Education and Care records relating to you (Student Support Plan, EHCP, IMP, etc.); Planning records; Home-School records; Permission slips (where an incident occurred); Review paperwork; Behaviour Records

Microsoft, SchoolPod

Your child’s 25th birthday, or transferred to new school

Education Learning Records

TeacherCloud (Evidence for Learning), Purple Mash

Your child’s 25th birthday, or transferred to new school

Examination results


6 years (external exams) or 5 years (internal exams)

SEN records of support given


Your child’s 35th birthday, or transferred to new school

SEN records of advice given


12 years

Medication Records (other than non-prescribed medication and remedies)


Your child is 21 years, 6 months

Medication Records of non-prescribed medication and remedies


1 year from end of school year

Therapy Records


Your child’s 25th birthday, or transferred to new school

Financial Records, including personal expenditure and fee payments

Sage, Microsoft

6 years from the end of the current financial year

Child Protection Records


Your child’s 25th birthday, or transferred to new school

Child Protection Records with allegations against a member of staff


Latest of your child’s 25th birthday, 10 years or the employee’s normal retirement age

Attendance registers


3 years

Incidents and Accident records; Behavioural Analysis records


Your child’s 25th birthday

Handover Records to Residential Services


Your child’s 25th birthday, or transferred to new school

Key to the organisations listed above:
Inventry operate and maintain our signing in system (those based at or visiting Doucecroft School only).
Microsoft operate and maintain SharePoint, our cloud-based document storage system.
MyConcern operate and maintain our safeguarding records (Children Services only).
Purple Mash provide online access to learning resources (Children Services only).
Sage provide our accounts software, payroll software and online payslips.
School Pod operate and maintain attendance and behaviour records (Children Services only).
TeacherCloud operate and maintain Evidence for Learning, our database of student learning records (Children Services only).
Vantage operate and maintain bespoke database recording systems for Residential Handovers for Children Services.
* All companies listed may only access our records with our direct permission, which will only be given when we need technical support. They are legally bound to not use your information for any purpose other than provide their services to us.

How we store your information

Your information will be stored in the databases and cloud providers listed in the previous table. All of them were selected on the basis that they provide secure access to your information, with said access being restricted to those who need it, plus IT (for support purposes only).