Ade Maddock works at Rallysport Engineering Academy Colchester. Ade is an MOT tester and is also passionate about helping young people to learn new skills and potentially build a career.

Ade said:

“We support students who do not get on at school for various reasons ranging from autism and ADHD through to behavioural problems. We mainly try and teach them basic car mechanics and they can achieve a level 1 qualification in automotive studies if they pass the course. We also try and help them develop as a person and prepare them for when they leave school. We have a small workshop where they learn about cars and motorbikes and a classroom for the theory lessons. We try and make all aspects enjoyable for them to keep them engaged and focused on their work. All of the vehicles in our workshop have either been donated to us or we have sourced them ourselves.”

 Callum Ince from St Johns, Colchester is taking part in the project, he was diagnosed with autism last year and ADHD 4 years ago.

Fourteen year old Callum who attends the Gilberd School in Colchester shows a keen interest in mechanics.

So far Callum has learned how to change the seats, how to add different aftermarket car panels and modifications, and the correct way to do it, how to check the car over and how to change basic mechanical parts.

Callum’s mum Tara Ince contacted Autism Anglia to us them know about the amazing work Ade has been doing to support autistic people.

His mum Tara said:

“Callum absolutely loves working on the project with Ade. It gives him a real sense of achievement when he can see what his hard work has done, to transform a very bland car into a show car. Ade has been amazing with my son and his other students and it’s wonderful to see the students faces when they can see what they can achieve when they work hard.”

Ade, Callum and the other students have turned this ordinary family four door car into a budget show car. Ade plans to take the car to shows so the students can see the potential that they have and how their hard work will pay off.

Autism Anglia works with local businesses to provide work experience opportunities for students from our specialist autism school in Colchester (Doucecroft School) as well as adults that have been referred from the DWP that need support with skills to gain employment.

Our dedicated training team provide bespoke autism training and workshops to a wide range of organisations and individuals.

Autism Anglia would love to hear from any local businesses that could provide opportunities for local autistic people. For more information please email [email protected]