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Could you befriend someone with autism? 

Our new befriending scheme in North East Essex is up and running for adults with autism and matched volunteers. For more details please click here.

A black tie evening like no other!

Come and spend the evening at a black tie event like no other… Enter a spooky world of ghosts, zombies, bats and broomsticks! Read more here


Imagine if ... 

People's whispers feel like they are yelling, your clothes feel like they are made of fibreglass and you don't understand what people mean unless they speak in a direct manner. Find out more about autism and how it can affect people here.


Is your workplace autism friendly?

As part of the Autism Alliance UK, we offer free advice and training, tailored to your workplace. Find out how your workplace can become autism friendly. 



Looking for support?

Our Family Support team provides confidential support, a listening ear, and practical advice to individuals and families affected by autism. In the last two weeks, the team have supported 52 families and individuals affected by autism. Find out more about their insipiring work here.


What we do

Autism Anglia provides a range of services to enable people with autism to live as independently as possible and experience choice and inclusion in society. Find out more...

Doucecroft School and Further Education provision offers a specialist educational service to children and young people with autism aged 3 - 19.

Adult Study Centres provide life skills based learning for students 18 years and older.

Family Support provides confidential support, a listening ear and information tailored to your needs.


Attention Parents, Carers and Professionals

Autism Anglia often receives invitations for those affected by autism to assist with research into the condition and its impact. Please take a look here to find out about any current research projects.


Want to join the Autism Anglia team?

We have a number of jobs available to work with our varied ever growing teams across East Anglia. Jobs range from Therapeutic Support Workers to Senior Support Workers, details are all here.

Latest news


Are you ready to release your inner beast?

We are proud to offer our supporters discounted, guaranteed places at various Spartan Races throughout September.
Are you ready to take on a challenge in 2015?
For more information click here. 


Hooray! The Summer holidays are here at last!

Everyone loves the summer but for children with autism the lack of routine and change in what they expect to happen can lead to stress and high levels of anxiety. Click here to read our top five tips to help reduce stress levels and ensure everyone gets to enjoy the Summer holiday period – just as everyone should. 


Annual Review 2013 - 2014
Read all about how we have impacted on people affected by autism between 2013 and 2014 and how our services have grown in our latest Annual Review.


Family support 
Unfortunately our Cambridgeshire Family Support Worker is moving on and so we are unable to take referrals for the County of Cambridgeshire.  Please email and someone will reply in due course.