Doucecroft School

Doucecroft School is a specialist co-educational school for children and young people with autism and additional complex needs, age 3 –19 years. Established in 1977, we are experienced and successful in meeting the needs of students with wide-ranging strengths and needs, providing a nurturing environment where students are able to thrive and grow in independence and self-esteem.

Students can benefit from our flexible boarding provision or can attend school as day students and come from across the Anglia region and the London boroughs.

Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy are provided on-site by our experienced therapy team.

Doucecroft School is part of Autism Anglia, a regional charity working with children, adults and families affected by Autism. 

Doucecroft School is DfE approved and subject to Ofsted inspections.

Although he’s 16, we’ve really struggled with him going out on his own. It’s literally something we’ve never been able to do with him. Mainly resistance on my part to be honest. He’s so big and tall and appears older than he is. I’ve always been concerned his lack of mainstream social experience would have left him naive to the outside world. He’s grown so much in the last year or so and I believe in him and his capabilities. I fear strongly for other people in the community.  I fear other men and groups of teenagers recognising his naivety and picking on him. The transition process and work Doucecroft have invested has helped me to realise I cannot stand in his way any longer.

I have taken him on the bus and walked from town for 2 weeks.  Today he was adamant and determined to fly solo. And he did.  He made it to college alone. He left the house this morning, caught the bus and walked the route from the town centre. He text and phoned at various moments. 

We are proud beyond belief and owe all our thanks to Doucecroft and the staff.  The journey for us has been significantly easier with support and people by our sides. 

Parent of a current Year 11 student