At Autism Anglia, we offer four CPD-accredited training courses as well as offering bespoke in-house training at your place of work. If you are looking for general Autism Awareness training as a starting point, we can offer this too.

For individuals on the autism spectrum and family members, we hold information days throughout the year, which include a large marketplace of charities and businesses related to autism in their local area, practical workshops and have the opportunity to speak one-to-one with one of our fantastic Autism Advisors.

We also offer extensive training for all Autism Anglia staff. Click here for more information.


We are also proud to host forward-thinking conferences throughout East Anglia, focusing on developing research, neurodiversity, practical acceptance and support strategies. 

Esteemed professionals and autistic individuals share research and ideas on continuing to develop a society where people on the autism spectrum are valued, supported and celebrated as integral members of a diverse world, from childhood through to old age.

If you have any other questions regarding bespoke training or our conferences please contact us or call 01206 577678