Doucecroft School

The Therapy Team at Doucecroft, which includes Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy, work closely with school staff, adopting a holistic approach to working with the students. The on-site therapy centre has individual therapy rooms and a Sensory Integration suite.

For a guide to our SCERTS approach to therapy, please see the link below -


The Therapy team’s role in the school includes:

Assessing individuals’ sensory and communication needs and Implementing strategies to support these areas
Providing general advice and support to promote positive sensory and communication environments
Providing training to staff around sensory and communication issues

Occupational Therapy

Currently the Occupational Therapy service carries out sensory processing assessments for pupils referred to the OT service.

Pupils are assessed and then provided with OT advice, an OT programme which may be in the form of a sensory diet or circuit and may also be offered OT sessions. OTs review pupils as appropriate and attend or write reports for Annual reviews.

Speech and Language Therapy

When children join Doucecroft, the Speech and Language Therapy team carry out an assessment of their communication strengths and needs, and create targets to support functional communication. Each class has a Speech and Language Therapist assigned to it, which promotes more effective monitoring of the students and liaison with staff. Speech and language Therapy input includes one-to-one work (such as Intensive Interaction, supporting communication aid use) and groups (such as Lego therapy and Attention Autism).

For any queries regarding our therapy service, please contact Kate Wright, Lead Speech & Language Therapist at [email protected]