Autism Passport A5

Our Autism Passport is aimed at individuals to use in a variety of situations, including court settings, police stations, Job Centres, religious settings, doctors, councils and for employment purposes. The Passport is based on the principle of ‘saying it only once’, to help others understand your preferences and/or support needs so they can make adjustments for you.

The Autism Passport is free of charge, we just ask you to pay for postage and packaging. We rely on fundraising to produce the passports, so please consider leaving the charity a donation at checkout.

*Please note that we can only provide 1 passport per order.

Please note this is the A5 version. An A6 pocket version (half the size of A5) is available in our shop.

Alternatively, a free printable PDF version is available to download by clicking here.

If you are a school or business looking for a larger quantity of Passports, please email our Fundraising team.