If you are considering home education for your child, it is important to remember there are many factors to consider. Below you will find information about how to deregister your child and what to do if you would like your child to return to school.

There are also many useful web links for support groups, activity groups, and further information. It is important to look into your options and to note that once you have de-registered your child if you wish for them to return to school they will have to go onto the waiting list if your chosen school is full.

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De-registering your child

The process is slightly different for a child with additional needs. To de-register a child you need to write a letter to the school stating that you plan to home educate your child if they have additional needs you also need to write a letter to the Local Authority (for children in special needs schools, you are required to seek permission within this letter).

Within this letter to the Local Authority, you need to state that you plan to home educate and include a plan of what you will be doing. Obviously, this can be hard with child-led learning and easier with curriculum-led so it will depend on the route you choose to take, however, it is important to ensure that a plan of some sort is included. In the plan you need to outline how you will address the points within the EHCP/statement to ensure that your child’s special educational needs are met, obviously some of these points will not be relevant in a home setting, however, it is important that the others are met where possible.

The EHCP will be amended to show the child is now home-educated although it is important to note that by home educating your children you are in other words saying ‘we do not need your help to the local authority’ so some intervention may no longer be available. A school should not try to influence your decision in any way with regards to home education.

Returning to school

If you wish to return your child to school you will have to go through the admissions process, the EHCP will still be in place and will then need to be adjusted to meet the new setting, annual reviews will continue for the EHCP throughout your home education journey to ensure it is kept up to date, and that your child is receiving the best possible provisions. It will also help you as parents/guardians to ensure you are meeting their needs.

Support groups

There are many groups on Facebook for people who home-educate including groups for those with children who have additional needs, please find below links to a few groups available, however, please be aware there are many more on there including specific area ones if you search for them. Also be aware they may private message you to confirm that you home educate so keep an eye in your message request folder:

Please note this is just a small selection of the support and information groups available, if you search for more there will be many including specific ones for science, maths etc. Once you are in the group there will be information within the files tab about de-registering, groups, workshops, meet-ups and other useful websites to visit. There are also many websites to download worksheets from, some are free others are subscription so it is worth having a look around.

Useful websites

There are many useful websites for people who home educate their children, including:


Some local places may offer workshops and other groups for people who home educate, these offer great opportunities for expanding the learning and for social interaction with other children, it also allows parents to meet other local home educators. Places such as local museums and zoos are great resources and often offer workshops and learning experiences. It is best to get in touch with them directly or look on their website to find out dates and further information.

Legal side

It is important to note that although you have the right to home educate your child, the Local Authority can request an informal inquiry to ensure your child is getting a suitable education from home. If they believe your child is not they can serve a School Attendance Order. If this happens you then have 15 days to register your child with a school or supply evidence of home education at a suitable level. An education supervision order can be served if the Local Authority believes a child needs to attend school but you are not co-operating, this will then go to court. A supervisor will be appointed to help you get your child into education. The local council can do this instead of prosecuting you, or as well.

For more information please visit: https://www.gov.uk/home-education