If you think you may have an autism spectrum condition, it can very beneficial to have an assessment, which may lead to getting a diagnosis.

Perhaps you struggle with certain things in life that others seem to find easy; gaining an understanding of the reasons why can be a very positive step towards self-acceptance. Getting a diagnosis could open up lots of doors for you in terms of getting advice and support. It can give you access to support groups where you can meet other people who are going through a similar experience, any benefits you may be entitled to, advice and support for various things such as housing, employment, budgeting etc.

If you think your child may have autism, getting a diagnosis can help you to understand how they behave and the best ways to support them. Having access to the right advice and information will put you in a good position when explaining your child’s needs to school teachers, other parents, school friends etc. It can also make it easier for any siblings or other family members to understand and cope with any issues that may arise from it.

Please see our ‘Getting a Diagnosis’ section for more information on the process involved.

Autism Anglia now offers a private Diagnostic Service. Click here for more information.