What we can help with...

  • Complete benefit forms
  • Check over forms you have completed
  • General benefit advice
  • Help with Mandatory Reconsideration (if benefit has been refused)
  • Representation at tribunal

What we cannot do...

  • Tell you what you are entitled to
  • Not support fraudulent claims

How much does it cost?

  • We charge £20 to help you with benefit form completion

Tips and important notes to remember...

  • A diagnosis of Autism does not mean automatic entitlement to benefits
  • Always check letters from the DWP or HMRC, to avoid any overpayment
  • PIP, ESA and DLA  forms should always show the functionality of a claimant
  • Reports and letters should reflect the completed benefit forms
  • Make a copy of everything
  • Send by recorded or signed for delivery
  • Use our booklets for help with completing forms
  • If you are unable to send the forms back within the time frame, let the DWP know
  • Let other statutory agencies know if you get an award (council, HMRC) as this may affect entitlement to other benefits

 Please contact our Welfare Rights Officer by contacting our Autism Advice Team.

Contact our Autism Advice Team