Who can apply?

  • Any individual with ASC who is living in Norfolk.  Where the person requiring the grant is unable to complete the form themselves, the form can be completed by someone else on their behalf then signed by the person requiring the grant.
  • A parent or carer of a child or person with an ASC living in Norfolk.

How much can be applied for?

  • Any amount up to £500.

How many times can you apply?

  • You can only apply once a year. The Norfolk Trust Fund will not consider any application that is made to the Trust Fund within 12 months from the date of the last grant made or from the date of advising you that your application has been unsuccessful.

How many times can you receive a grant?

  • We will only make one grant payment to you in any one year.

What sort of things will we consider giving a grant for?

  • Essential household items such as a washing machine, cooker, microwave, fridge, bed, tumble dryer or a contribution towards the purchase.
  • Garden fencing or a contribution towards the purchase, where this is not the responsibility of a landlord or social housing organisation and the safety of a child with ASC is at risk.
  • Days out / holidays or a contribution towards, where the family is not entitled to receive direct payments or respite through Social Care services.

 What things won’t be considered?

  • Items or services that should be provided by statutory agencies e.g. Access adaptations, specialist equipment for use in schools e.g. laptops, tablets and communication aids where the person with autism does not have verbal communication/limited communication/requires alternative communication methods to augment speech & language or it has been advised by a professional that the use of alternative communication methods are used.
  • Support/aids/assistive technology etc detailed in a statement of SEN or Education, Health & Care Plan (EH&C Plan) or recommended by school or other professional for use in school.
  • Where a property is rented we will not consider giving a grant for items that should be provided by your landlord or social housing organisation.
  • Respite provision.
  • Retrospective funding for item(s) already purchased.


  • You will need to obtain at least two written quotations for each specific item and send these with your application. However, for some items, we may request that you obtain additional quotes. Whilst we acknowledge that the price of items may increase we will not agree any additional grant money than that requested on the application form.

What happens once I have sent in my application?

  • Your application will be considered in the first instance by the Norfolk Autism Developments Advisor, who will send you an acknowledgement letter via email where possible and contact you for any further details or where clarification of information is required to help us when considering your application.
  • Applications received will be considered quarterly during November, February, May & August.  All applications need to be received by 15th October, January, April or July to be considered at the relevant next meeting.  Applications received after these dates will not be considered until the following quarter’s meeting.
  • The final decision will be made by Autism Anglia’s Chief Executive.
  • We will then write to you to let you know the decision and where your application has been successful we will arrange for a cheque to be sent to you as soon as possible, for you make your purchase.

The Norfolk Trust Fund has very limited funds and we may not be able to grant money to all applicants.  We strongly advise that you also look for possible alternative funding sources to apply to in case your application to us is unsuccessful.  Should you require help with this please contact our Dereham office on 01362 853753 with your name and telephone/email details and ask for a message to be given to our Norfolk Autism Developments Advisor to contact you.

Additionally, we may not be able to grant the full amount requested on your application form and if this is the case we will contact you to discuss before issuing a cheque, as we would first need to be assured that you can source the balance to make your purchase within an agreed timescale.

If your application is successful items will need to be purchased within one month of the date of issue of the cheque.

You can download the Trust Grant Application Form here

Please return your signed completed form and at least two quotations for each item you wish to purchase with this grant to:      

Norfolk Autism Developments Advisor
Norfolk Opportunities Centre

24-27 Bertie Ward Way
NR19 1TE