Jo Keys, Head of Autism Advice Service

Jo has worked for Autism Anglia since 2006. In that time she has seen the organisation grow from a local charity to the regional charity it is today.

Lindsey Heard, Senior Autism Advisor

Lindsey had worked for Autism Anglia since 2004 as an Autism Advisor based in Norfolk and has developed good relationships with many professionals and families along the way which is invaluable when supporting families.

Annie Sands, Senior Welfare Rights Advisor

Annie started working for Autism Anglia in 2012, originally covering Suffolk. Annie has over 20 years’ experience in welfare rights and represents at benefit tribunals.

Helen Leckie, Autism Advisor

Helen has worked for Autism Anglia since 2007. Helen has seen our service grow from strength to strength as has Autism Anglia. She has learnt much throughout the years that allows her to support individuals and families.

Courtenay Panton, Autism Advice Enquiries Coordinator

Courtenay has many years of personal experience with autism and began working the Autism Advice in 2015 when the service reopened. Being able to provide a listening ear and a genuine understanding and support for people is really rewarding for her.

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