We were thrilled to be chosen as the main beneficiary at this year’s Jimmy’s Festival at Jimmy's Farm in Suffolk on 22-23 July! It was really big news for the charity in terms of fundraising and autism awareness. It also meant that we had a very strong presence at the festival and were over the moon that Jimmy’s Farm shared our vision to make the festival an amazing autism-friendly experience!

Our fundraising team worked with a steering group of individuals on the autism spectrum, who collectively helped to make the festival autism friendly. Ideas included:

  • An autism-friendly ‘relaxed campsite’
  • An Autism Art Gallery showcasing work from our Norfolk and Essex Opportunities Centres
  • A ‘Sensory Trail’ through the woods
  • The ‘Very Quiet Roundhouse’- a calm and relaxing sensory experience
  • Fast track queue-jump for autistic people and their families
  • The ‘Autism Reality Experience’- an immersive ‘sensory overload’ simulator
  • Plus much more!

Photos from the Festival Weekend can be found here

Visit the festival website for more info