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The appropriate level of care and a stimulating environment is a fundamental need to achieve the kind of education a parent wishes for their child.  It was from this lack of educational provision for children with autism in Essex back in the 1970’s that led to the creation of the charity you see today.

Over the years Doucecroft School (opens in new window) and Further Education Department have moved, changed and grown into the purpose built campus providing specialist education that is offered to you today – but at its heart it remains true to simply providing the very best environment and education for your child.  So whether you’re looking for a traditional school day or a weekly boarding option for your child with autism you can be sure you’ve found the right place for them.

When the time comes and adulthood beckons the Further Education Department is available as a follow-on service for students aged 16-19 years old. At this stage the emphasis is on the students developing skills for independent living and preparation for adult life.

Doucecroft School received its latest OFSTED Report in February 2014 achieving a "Good" Standard overall with "Outstanding" elements.  The full report can be seen by clicking here.


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