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We manage 9 properties spread across East Anglia which can support up to 57 adults. 

Our houses vary in size, offering a home for between 3 and 11 adults. All properties provide a welcome, homely atmosphere in a calm environment, focusing on independence, developing new skills and social opportunities. Above all, an emphasis is placed on those we support being and feeling like a valued part of the community. 

All the properties are located according to the individual needs of the Service Users; for example some are based in quieter picturesque villages, whilst others are based directly in town centres. 

All of our residential services are independently inspected by the Care Quality Commission and all are rated good or excellent. You'll find the up-to-date reports and findings from the checks made below.

The ethos of Residential Services is to promote independence and encourage those we support to reach their full potential. Adults actively take part in community based activities which include leisure pursuits and are encouraged to meet new people and build new relationships. 

For more details about each house, please click the links below. If you would like to receive further information please contact us t: 01206 577678 or e: 

Lambert House, Norfolk, a purpose built property suitable for up to 11 people looking for residential or respite care with challenging behaviours. 

Whitstone House, Norfolk, can accommodate up to 10 people with or without challenging behaviours.

Walnut House, Norfolk, our residential service for up to 4 people who are more independent.

Coldwell Villa, our stepping stone service in Essex for high functioning adults with autism and Asperger's Syndrome who wish to live in a Supported Living service and would like to acquire the confidence to do so. 

Bourne House, Essex, can accommodate up to 4 adults with or without challenging behaviours.

Peldon Campus, Essex, which consists of 4 homes which can support up to 23 adults altogether. The following 4 properties are within Peldon Campus:

Ashton House, within Peldon Campus, Essex, a complex needs unit for up to 3 adults who are supported on a 1:1 basis.

Peldon Old Rectory, within Peldon Campus, Essex, an 11 bed property situated in the beautiful countryside. 

John Jones House, within Peldon Campus, Essex, a purpose built complex needs unit for people who require a higher level of support in terms of behaviour and needs.  




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