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"People on the spectrum are often acutely aware
of where they are and where everyone else is;

they can see the problems the gap causes but can't broach it.
Autism Anglia has helped me create much-needed
connections to the outside world."
An adult with autism. 

Having access to the appropriate support, services, resources and information you need, when you need it can make all the difference in helping you to become better informed and as a result lead the life you wish to achieve for yourself.  This area is dedicated to individuals and parent / carers to help you find what you need regardless of whether you are seeking a diagnosis, looking for a care service or just needing assistance with the challenges of day-to-day life.  Select the area that fits your need:
  • Outreach Programmes – enhancing life-skills in the community or giving respite in the home
  • Residential Services – properties owned and operated by Autism Anglia that provide 24 hour care for their residents
  • Supported Living – support packages for individual living in their chosen accommodation, living as independently as possible
  • Study Centres – centres in Essex and Norfolk providing life skills based learning for students 18 years and older.
  • Alert Card – a free of charge card designed to help explain autism when you are in a difficult or emergency situation
  • Autism Advice Service – provides confidential support, a listening ear and information tailored to your needs
  • Diagnosis – how to start the journey towards getting the recognition that you are on the spectrum
  • Welfare rights - our Autism Advisor can offer information, advice and support on issues concerning welfare rights. Please email with your name, contact details and message 

If you would like to receive further information
there are a range of factsheets that you can download
or alternatively please contact us, phone 01206 577678
or email

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