The Autism Charter has been produced in collaboration with people with autism. It sets out realistic and achievable aspirations for businesses and venues to become autism-friendly. Being autism-friendly, above all, means being ready to make adjustments where needed so that people with autism and their families feel welcome. We know that all venues are different which is where the help and advice from Autism Alliance UK comes in.

Today, many venues across the UK have already signed up to the charter and agreed to:

  • Train their staff in autism awareness.
  • Develop autism-friendly environments by proactively responding to suggestions from people with autism.
  • Make reasonable adjustments should they suspect an individual has autism.
  • Be aware of the different ways people with autism communicate and respond to them appropriately.
  • Make staff aware of how to communicate effectively with someone in distress.
  • Create a clear process for staff to disclose their autism should they wish to.

If you are interested in joining the scheme and signing our Autism Charter please contact us or download our booklet which explains more about the Charter.

Organisations that have signed the Autism Charter and are Autism Aware: