People on the autism spectrum may display behaviours that challenge. These behaviours may sometimes seem to come out of nowhere but it is often ways of communicating that something is wrong. It could be caused by hunger, thirst, temperature too hot or too cold, pain or discomfort, boredom or over-stimulation... Read more


There are a number of ways that we can support you with benefits... Read more


Autistic people can have difficulty with communication. They can take things literally such as phrases like ‘pull your socks up’ which to those of us without autism usually means hurry up... Read more


If you think you may have an autism spectrum condition, it can very beneficial to have an assessment done which may lead to getting a diagnosis... Read more


If you are considering home education for your child, it is important to remember there are many factors to consider. Below you will find information about how to deregister your child and what to do if you would like your child to return to school... Read more


If you are looking at gaining employment there are various options; For both full and part time work there is a fixed minimum wage called the ‘National Living Wage’ for adults 25+ and the ‘Minimum Wage’ for adults and young people under the age of 25... Read more


Our Autism Advice Team frequently encounters the issue of sexting, stalking, and harassment. Here are some useful links to information that raises aware of their potential consequences for vulnerable young people and adults... Read more

Health & Hygiene

Keeping on top of your health and hygiene when you are living with an autism spectrum condition is not always easy. Every individual has different issues in this area and many can manage their health and hygiene with little or no support, but in this section we will go through some common difficulties that people with autism can have... Read more


A guide to housing options and support organisations... Read more


Partners of people on the autism spectrum can feel like they have a lot of responsibility. This may be due to their partner having difficulties with social skills which can mean they need support when doing certain things. It may also affect their ability to work which could create financial difficulties... Read more


Respite care is a chance for you and the person you are caring for to take a break... Read more

Sensory Processing

Autistic children and autistic adults often present different responses to these sensory stimuli such as light, loud sounds, soft touch etc... Read more


Having a sibling on the autism spectrum can be confusing and frustrating at times but with the right support and understanding of autism, it can also be lots of fun... Read more

Social Care

You can ask for a needs assessment if you are disabled, caring for someone who is disabled or already have care from your local authority but feel that your needs have changed... Read more


Many individuals with autism are thought to be visuals learners, so presenting information in a visual way can help support and encourage their understanding of instructions and information they receive... Read more

Books for Children

A useful list of books suitable for children and siblings about autism. Read more