One month of coming together for better! You can do your 5K anywhere, anytime with anyone. You can run, roll, walk, cycle or even swim if you want to... It's about getting out and feeling good while doing it. Donate your £5 to Autism Anglia and participate for a cause close to your heart.

5k May is a month-long fundraiser open to all charities. It encourages people to participate in 5k, donate £5 and nominate 5 others to do the same.

  1. Complete a 5k run during May
  2. Share a picture (or Strava map) of your achievement on social media (using #5kMay #AutismAnglia)
  3. Tell everyone you've donated £5 to Autism Anglia 
  4. Nominate and tag 5 other friends to do the same

You can donate by phone or by using the link below and see what you and your fellow Autism Anglia supporters have raised so far! 

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To donate your £5.00 by phone simply text AA5K to 70085