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Get Involved

Working together makes achieving a goal that much easier – so if you feel you can get involved to help us continue our work in caring for and supporting those affected by autism you’re in the right place.

There are many ways in which you can get involved to show your support for our work from the thrill of parachuting out of a plane to the more sedate volunteering at a collection.  But the opportunities don’t end there; our work really can’t be done without your help so have a look around at what opportunities are there for the taking and get in touch.
  • Ways to Donate – online, when shopping or even scrapping a car; find out the wide range of ways you can make a donation
  • Fundraising – events, challenges, corporate support and much more
  • Membership – become part of a network of individuals who support the charity
  • Legacies – helping you to ensure your wishes are met
  • Volunteering – your spare time can a long way; explore the different ways you can help
  • Job Vacancies – take a look at the positions available and put your skills to good use
  • Professional Networks – join the network for professionals and gain a whole host of benefits
  • Events Diary – find out what’s going on and where


If you would like to get involved in any way
please contact us, phone 01206 577678
or email